The rooms and accomodation - Centro Ferie Salvatore

Tue, December 11, 2018
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Free WIFI area now at CFS

  • pink twin beds
  • green twin beds
  • disabled bed support
  • red twin beds
  • veranda
  • disability Bathroom
  • disability Bathroom
  • disability toilet
  • walkin toilet
  • sink

Accommodation at Centro Ferie Salvatore

All rooms in the centre are designed for wheelchairs, including each shower and bathroom. There are 50 rooms in the centre, all able to offer accommodation to suit the special needs of each guest.

Apart from single and double rooms, we can also offer larger family rooms. All beds are at wheelchair height. All furniture in each room can be moved around to suit the individual needs of the guest.

We also have rented bungalow accommodation available at our booking office in Germany. These bungalows are not always equipped or suitable for wheelchair users. They are not equipped for self-catering.

The toilets on site are all equipped for the disabled. All entrances and individual doors are wide, and special care has been taken with the shower and toilet facilities- all of which are, of course, suitable for wheelchair clients.

More information on Rates and Booking or please contact us.