San Felice Circeo - Centro Ferie Salvatore

Tue, December 11, 2018
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San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo (with it's historical name Circelli) predates all history of mankind from: Neanderthal Man, Circe with his animals, Ulysses when exploring the Mediterranean, The Romans, Napoleon, Mussilini and now today as a seaside resort for Romani (the people of Rome).

In Roman times, after many struggles with other Latin cities against the hegemony of Rome San Felice Circeo became the central resort of the Roman Leadership. At one time the famous villa on the Lago di Paola was famous throughout the Roman Empire.

In the Middle Ages the small village slept quietly and it wasn't until the unification of Italy that San Felice Circeo became a place of residence for Cardinals and church leaders. The order of the Knights Templar had for a time their headquarters in the old 'Centro Storico'.

After the last World War the VIP's of Rome flocked to the shores of the mountain and surrounding area. However real mass tourism has never set foot in San Felice Circeo and the only enclave is represented by the International Centre Ferie Salvatore.

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