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Mar, Diciembre 11, 2018
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  • wheelchair cathedral square
  • wheelchair playing roman
  • wheelchair at cafe
  • wheelchair enjoying view
  • wheelchair market trip
  • disabeled bus
  • disabeled country walk
  • kids by fountain
  • dancing party
  • disabeled kayacking
  • harbour visit
  • harbour town
  • wheelchair boat excursion
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  • coast view

Viajes y Excursiones

We arrange excursions around San Felice Circeo and the surrounding area for all our guests and we have a minibus for those who need transport.

On the excursions to Rome, Capri, Naples, Vesuvio and other interesting places, there will always be one of our team or a qualified guide, who will know the area intimately and find the nearest wheelchair toilet.

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Find out more about San Felice Circeo or please contact us for more information.