Vacances pour personnes à mobilité réduite - Centro Ferie Salvatore

Jeu, Janvier 17, 2019
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Zone de libre-WIFI maintenant à la CFS

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  • wheelchair on boat

Bienvenue à Centro Ferie Salvatore

To enjoy a holiday in Italy with sun, sand, sea, and good food in an atmosphere where you feel relaxed, that is what Salvatore and Ellen Avagliano set out to offer in their holiday center. Irrespective of whether you are a wheelchair user or not. In this beautiful region at the foot of "Monte Circeo" (south of Rome) everybody feels at home.

While working in German hospital in the 1960's Salvatore Avagliano recognized a problem. It was not possible for wheelchair users to enjoy the same vacations as able bodied persons. Most disabled persons did not know the feeling of lying in the sun on a beach and enjoying a swim in the open sea.

So Salvatore started in the 1970's to bring handicapped people to San Felice in a private initiative. Even though the organization and accommodations where much improvised then.

It's been a big success.

If you would like to find out more about booking a holiday with us or have any question to ask - please contact us.